Experience with Cristal Camden, Supporting The Weingart Center (Helping Homeless Populations)

Experience with Cristal Camden, Supporting The Weingart Center (Helping Homeless Populations)

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Overview How it Works

My name is Cristal and I will be hosting a live 3-day auction where part of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit agency called The Weingart Center.

The winner of the auction / the highest bidder will receive a video call with me. Note that the highest bidder will only have to pay the amount that the 2nd highest bidder bid (we will do a partial refund against your bid to get this to work)! 

How it Works

Win in 3 easy steps!

STEP 1: Place a bid:

Place a maximum bid you would be willing to pay to win this exclusive 1-on-1 fan experience. Once this happens, you'll see a temporary charge placed on your card for the amount of the bid.  If you are the highest bidder and win, the great news is that you win this amazing experience and will only be charged the amount equal to that of the second highest bidder.

The best part is that if you aren’t the highest bidder, you might still be eligible (based on availability) for another fan experience!

STEP 2: Bid update:

Within 24 hours of your bid, we will let you know where your bid stands. Once the auction closes, we will let you know if you won or are eligible for an additional fan experience (based on availability). At any time during the auction period, you can decide to submit a new higher bid or withdraw from the auction (full refund).

STEP 3: Claim your prize:

Congrats! Look-out for next-steps to help coordinate your 1-on-1 fan experience! 

About The Charity:

The Weingart Center is an amazing non-profit that equips homeless individuals with basic tools and resources needed to stabilize their lives, secure income, and find permanent and safe housing arrangements. Weingart proves itself to be a critical organization that provides much needed human services with the aim of establishing a world in which all people have the opportunity to lead a high-quality productive life. They provide many programs and services to homeless individuals to overcome obstacles such as addiction, debt, mental illness, criminal records, or physical illness – bid now to help individuals to overcome these challenges and clear the path for a fulfilling life!